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Offenses & Silver Lining

Unlikely perfection.

Unsui Kongo & Karin Koizumi
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Who cares about canonical sense when everything fits perfectly?

Welcome to the Unsui Karin community! Obviously, this journal is dedicated to Unsui Kongo and Karin Koizumi, characters from the anime/manga series Eyeshield 21 by Inagaki Riichiro and Murata Yuusuke, © Shueisha. Please join to proclaim your loving support to the couple, of course.

1. You have to love Unsui and Karin, as a couple. Admit it, they're absolutely sexy together we don't even have to force it.
2. It is imperative to use appropriate language. This includes grammar and spelling.
3. Please use appropriate tags and title; try to make the community neat.
4. Use LJ cuts when things exceed from the appropriate. It's pretty easy.
5. Constructive criticism in any composition here is definitely allowed. No fighting though.
6. Remain to be on topic. Discussions are welcome, if you could discuss anything about UnsuiKarin based on the manga circumstances, that is.
7. Credit the things that need to be credited (i.e. fanarts that you didn't do that you posted here), especially when the creator asked for it.
8. Just have fun while contributing if you want!


If you have other questions/suggestions/complaints, don't hesistate to contact any of the maintainers. We'll be happy hearing from you.

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